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This a collection 9 postcards about Memorial House George Enescu edited by Centrul European de Cultura Sinaia sented by Sinaia Tourism Information. We can see 6.
The beauty of the place and the proximity of the Peles Castle made the musician building a house here, in 1923-1926, with the money he had earned during his first tour in America; the house followed the plan designed by the musician himself, with the aid of architect Radu Dudescu and it was named “Luminiş” Villa (“Glade” Villa).
The following 20 years, until 1946 when he definitively left Romania, the musician constantly return to Sinaia, to spend a least one month a year – a time dedicated to composition, between his tours in Europe and North America. In 1947, Enescu, who was living in Paris, donated the villa to the Romanian state, to be used as a place of creation and recreation for artists.
In 1995, the villa was opened as “George Enescu” Memorial House and since 2007 it has become a department of “George Enescu” National Museum.

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