sábado, 24 de maio de 2014

ROMENIA - Marginea Black Ceramics - a Dacian heritage

Postcard sent by Sinaia Town Tourism Office. Thanks a lot!
We can see 4 scenes. Pottery, Monument, Town Hall and Etnografic Museum.
Can find the ethnographic museum, placed in an 100 hundred years old house, where travelers can halt. Once you enter the house, you can admire the traditional costumes from Bucovina, especially the ones in Radauti, traditional costumes used by the villagers at the most important events. The tourists have the possibility to purchase these great treasures of Bucovina.
Also, you can encounter in the museum ceramics, wefts, knitting, birch baskets, bead necklaces, painted eggs, beaded eggs.  The architecture specific to the area is completed by the linen carpets, manually made by the women in the village.

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