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 Plaza da Constituición - Vigo
 Museo del Mar - Vigo
Has one of the most comprehensive permanent exhibitions in Vigo, which it combines with temporary exhibitions, always related to the world of the sea and fishing. This is the perfect place to learn about Vigo’s maritime history: fishing, seafood, aquaculture and conservation, from the primitive salting to the modern freezing methods, as well as technical advances regarding boats and marine biology.
 Playa de Rodas
Rodas Beach was chosen the best beach in the world by the British newspaper The Guardian, and you’ll know why as soon as you step on it. This impressive beach, more than half a mile long and 200 feet wide, is ideal to spend a family day and right next to the dock, so you’ll hardly have to walk.

The beach joins the islands of Monteagudo and Faro. It has fine, white sand and crystal clear, emerald waters. Next to it you’ll find natural dune areas.
 Puerta del Sol
El Sireno is Vigo’s monument par excellence. Located in the Porta do Sol, this sculpture by Galician artist Francisco Leiro is one of the symbols of modern Vigo; its style and the very high pedestal on which it stands make it an impressive work of art. The sculpture was installed in 1991 and represents an imaginary character, a hybrid of fish and man. Since then, it has become one of Vigo’s most representative monuments due to its striking modernity and how it reflects the city, which it monitors from its elevated location.
 Puente en La Ria de Vigo
Puerto de Vigo

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