terça-feira, 10 de maio de 2016


The Varna Opera House was registered under the name of Varna Public Opera House on 6th April, 1947 and was officially opened on 1st August of the same year. Stefan Nikolaev was appointed as its first Director and Peter Raichev, the distinguished Bulgarian singer, was invited as the first Art Director. 

Bulgaria Golden Sands - stunning scenery, luscious forest, superb beaches, a clean sea, sun, mineral springs, unforgettable atmosphere

Is a late 19th-centuryBulgarian former royal summer palace and park on the Black Sea coast, 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) north of downtown Varna. The palace is currently a governmental and presidential retreat hosting cabinet meetings in the summer and offering access for tourists to several villas and hotels. Since 2007, it is also the venue of the Operosa opera festival. Euxinograd is situated at an altitude of 49 m.[1] The park and palace are closed until the summer of 2016 due to extensive renovatons

Postcards sent me by Tihomir Patarinski from Tourist Information Center - Municipality of Varna.
Thanks a lot!
A new country and city in my collection!

We can see The Opera, Golden Sands Resort, Euxinograd Palace and Varna by night.

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