quinta-feira, 19 de maio de 2016


Yesterday I received 2 postcards from Ayuntamiento de Moratalla. Thanks a lot.
We can see a view at susnset (beautiful) end castle at night.

Visit www.ayuntamientomoratalla.net

Moratalla's sights include the Fortress Castle a military-gothic style building which dates from the 15th century. There is also an Arab castle in Benizar, built in the 12th century.
The Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Asuncion dates from the 16th century). Other churches include Santa Ana or San Francisco and the "House of Christ", on the mountain, built by the Order of La Merced from the 16th century.
There are two Roman bridges in Moratalla: the Jesus Christ Bridge over the Benámor River, and the Hellin Bridge over the Alhárabe River.

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