quinta-feira, 5 de junho de 2014


Today I received postcards from 2 countries.
Here 6 postcards sent by MIAT Mongolian Airlines. Thanks a lot!

We can see:
 - Mongolian Vast Land
"We did some hiking and went horse back riding on the famous Mongolian horses.  The horses are smaller than horses in America but very fast." Mongolia is nicknamed the "Land of Blue Skies," and with good reason: there are said to be about 250 sunny days throughout each year.

 - Omnogovi amag - Khongoriin els
 - Khongoriin els, Umnugobi province.
The sand dunes extend along the northern side of Sevrei and Zuulun mountain ranges. These dunes are 180 km long, 15-20 km wide and up to 200m high. There is a small oasis near Khongoriin gol stream, which flows along the northern edge of the dunes. The scenery here is simply spectacular.

 - Bayankhongor - Ikh bichingtiin am
Prehistoric rock carving of deer.

And 2 planes Boeing 737 e 767 from MIAT - Mongolia Airlines.

Visit: http://www.miat.com/

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