quarta-feira, 4 de junho de 2014

GERMANY - Schlossanlage Schleißheim

Yesterday I received 2 postcards from Schlossanlage Schleißheim

Schleißheim palace complex was founded by Duke Wilhelm V of Bavaria (1548-1626), who in 1597 purchased the isolated moorland farm of Schleißheim with its St Margaret's Chapel for a large sum of money from the Freising Cathedral chapter.
The municipality of Oberschleißheim is located in the north of Munich and can be reached via the motorways A 92 (exit "Oberschleißheim") and A 99 (exit "Neuherberg") and also via the roads B 13 and B 471.

Postcards sent me for Frau Schnell. Thanks a lot!

Visit: http://www.schloesser-schleissheim.de/index.htm

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