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    Winner - Real Madrid                   Vencedor - Real Madrid
La Décima!

I found this postcard in my collection. I bought last 2013 in Sport Lisboa e Benfica oficial store .

Today Lisbon Capital UEFA Champions League Final.

We can see
- My postcard of the Estádio da Luz or Sport Lisboa e Benfica Stadium. Amazing and Beauty World Stadium!
- UEFA Champions League Final Cup! Photo in Champions Place.
- Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid Final 2014. Photo
- A Star Advertising Final 2014. Photo

Estádio da Luz, officially named Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica, is a multi-purpose stadium located in Lisbon, Portugal. It is used mostly for football matches and hosts the home matches of S.L. Benfica. It is also called A Catedral (The Cathedral) by Benfica supporters. It was opened on 25 October 2003.
It is a UEFA category four stadium and the twenty-first biggest stadium by capacity in Europe. The Estádio da Luz hosted several matches in the UEFA Euro 2004 including the final and it will host the 2014 UEFA Champions League Final. The previous Benfica stadium with 120,000 seats, also called Estádio da Luz, was demolished in 2003 and the new one was built with a maximum capacity of 65,647 making it the 21st largest stadium in Europe in terms of capacity. HOK Sport Venue Event (now Populous) designed the stadium to use as much natural light as possible. 
The architect Damon Lavelle designed the stadium to focus on light and transparency, offering an incentive to name the stadium "Estádio da Luz" as the original stadium had the same name. The polycarbonate roof of the stadium allows the rays of sunlight to penetrate it, lighting the stadium. The roof, which is supported by tie-beams of four steel arches, seems to float on the underlying tribunes. The arches measure 43 metres in height and help to define the look of the stadium after having been shaped to be similar to the wavy profile of the three tiers of the stadium.

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