quinta-feira, 29 de maio de 2014


Tuesday I received a postcard sended by someone in Austrália.
I don´t know who send me this postcard. Thanks a lot!
We can see Lord Howe Island.
Standing a top Gower’s iconic peak, amongst its misty forest inhabited by the island’s famous woodhens, walkers experience breathtaking 360 degree views of the island and its crystal blue waters.
In 1982, The Lord Howe Island Group was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage property, in recognition of the global significance of the island’s beauty and biodiversity.
Lord Howe Island is widely regarded as the most beautiful island in the Pacific. Just a two hour flight from Sydney or Brisbane, you’ll find it situated off the East Coast of Australia.
600km (373 miles) east of the Australian mainland  -  31° 33′ S, 159° 05′ E

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