sábado, 31 de maio de 2014


A big surprise in my mail box. I only know this islands now. Postcards sended by Falkland Islands Government Office in London. Thanks a lot!
We can see 6 postcards
  - Stanley view sea.
  - Falkland Islands Government Office in Stanley.
  - 4 scenes
  - Stanley Areal View.
  - Christ Church Cathedral (Winter)
  - Christ Church Cathedral (Summer)
Predominantly of British descent, the Islands population also includes large Chilean and St Helenian communities.capital, Stanley, is home to 2115 people, with 194 across East Falkland, 477 at Mount Pleasant, 127 on West Falkland and 42 spread through the numerous outer islands that form our home. We are incredibly well connected, with a road network linking our remote communities, along with an internal air service and inter-island ferry.

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